F.A.Q. with Steven Drake

What cameras do you use? 

I shoot with Sony's A7riii. Sony's are a bit more compact and lighter than full sized DSLRs which is a perk during on backpack hunts when ounces matter.  4K and 120 fps video shooting are very good.

Prior to Sony I shot with Canon DSLR’s. Specifically the 5DmkIV, 6D mkii, 6D and 7Dmkii. 



85mm F/1.8


16-35 F/2.8 GM

24-70 F/2.8 GM

70-200 F/2.8 GM OSS

What’s your favorite one camera/lens setup?

On days when I’m out hunting for myself or when being especially weight conscious I bring the a7riii with a wide angle lens or use my Fujifilm X100F. The X100F is a beautiful camera and produces stunning results. It has a fixed 23mm lens with a crop sensor producing a 35mm equivalent. It's built like an old Leica film camera and also functions like one. I love it because I have to slow down and manually adjust ALL my settings to get the shot. It is not a ‘run and gun’ camera. If you’re an advanced shooter looking to get back in touch with your creative side I would recommend it. If you haven’t been around manual photography this camera will likely be a head ache. A more user friendly camera I would highly recommend is Sony’s A6000 series. I’ve shot with it, have friends that shoot with it, and we’ve all been super impressed. At ~$500 with a lens (for the a6000) it’s a no brainer.

How do you carry your cameras?

When documenting hunts I always have two cameras on me. I've tried various chest cases and mounting solutions and find Cotton Carrier provides the best solution for fast access to both cameras, solid support and comfort. I use all three of their mounting options, the chest harness, side holster and shoulder strap attachment with great results. My favorite, however, is the shoulder strap attachment as it allows me to also wear binoculars. 

Are you formally educated in photography?

No. I majored in Business Marketing from Montana State University. I took one online photography course in college. I learned through trial and error, mentors and the internet. My business degree has been a good platform for learning how to sell and market my work, but real world experience has taught me the most.

Do you offer Internships?

Very soon! Email annulicollective@gmail.com to apply. Don't send resume/cover letter. That's too old school. Pitch me an idea! Show your creativity and how you can be an asset to the team. An internship is an exchange of value from both parties. How will you provide value? 

What does ‘Annuli’ mean?

Annuli are age rings on sheep horns. Annuli represent years of experience and wisdom, something I carry with me in business and in life.

What program do you use for editing photos?

Adobe Lightroom. Best program out there for organizing, cataloging and editing thousands of photos. My image library contains ~300,000 photos. All are meticulously organized and managed in Lightroom. Lightroom also syncs with my website making uploading and delivery of images to clients a breeze.

What are your favorite conditions to shoot in?

The Northwest Territories in Canada is where it all started for me. The hunts and adventures I’ve documented there have yielded some of the wildest situations and events I’ve ever come across. I love shooting in gnarly weather and big, wild country where human struggle is most prevalent. I first found that in the NWT and have since found it on almost ever hunt I’ve documented, which is by choice. I chose to document, and partake on adventures where people put themselves in wild, crazy places, where you get pushed way outside your comfort zone and learn something about yourself. Such moments are incredibly motivating and rewarding.

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