Who We Are

Kiviok Hight and Dustin Roe hiking through deep snow in 40 mph winds to get where the sheep are. Alberta.

Everyday we aim to put a touch of risk back into our lives. To feel alive. To learn. To grow. It’s by choice that our lives have revolved around taking the path least traveled, if traveled at all. Hunting is the vehicle that has led us to the wildest of places and created life-long bonds with the friends that partake. Through its physical and mental challenges, hunting opens the door to what's possible, giving us the courage to take on new challenges in the mountains and in life. Our passion lies in authentically representing the landscapes hunting takes us to, the beauty of the animals we hunt and the extreme situations it puts us in. We’re accomplished hunters and understand the struggle and emotion of hunting, the highs and lows, and the difference between staged and authentic stories. We tell real, crazy hunting stories. Hunting, the way we do it and live it, is inspiring and that’s what we aim to show in our work.

Annuli Collective was founded by Steven Drake and is comprised of hunters, photographers, story tellers and top-tier hunting brands that collaborate to capture and share those real, raw moments that can only take place while hunting. We focus on telling the stories of those who go off the grid to pursue animals in ways that few have ever done, elevating the sport to new heights that garners support and understanding from all adventure enthusiasts.

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